Yanke Designs Creates Custom Silver Taco Bell Nacho Chip Pendant

Most of the custom pieces of jewelry made at Yanke Designs are rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Every once in a while we get a request for something a bit more unusual. Case in point, this past year, Jane, one of our customers, approached us about creating something unique out of some silver ingots she had on hand. The custom design would be for her son, Jason, an artist in New York.sports74.ru

When we met Jason he told us about a group he had established almost ten years ago, Taco Bell Drawing Club. He would meet weekly at Taco Bell and be joined by other artists, friends, and newcomers to talk, draw, and eat.Витамины

Jason wanted to physically create something not only to commemorate Taco Bell, but also to serve as a piece of art. He decided to have a sterling silver nacho chip created.

He searched through hundreds of chips to find the perfect one. Jason wanted just the right amount of curl, the right percentage of surface bubble, no cracks, holes or dents. These chips are fragile, and after several failed attempts, success.

Yanke Designs took special care in shooting up the wax model of the chip . It was challenging, and because of the varying thickness of the chip and its large size we ended up with small holes in the wax. The pressure of the hot wax had to be adjusted numerous times before the perfect wax model was achieved to use for casting in silver.

The finished nacho chip was awesome, unique, and quite beautiful. We could see why Jason wanted it created as a piece of art. Yanke Designs made five identical silver nacho chips for Jason’s friends.

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Inspired by the fire and beauty of natural gemstones, Frank and Kim Yanke create custom designed jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Embarking together on a mission to design and manufacture custom made jewelry, Frank and Kim Yanke opened for business in 1981. In 1989 they settled in Franklin Village, where their store, Yanke Designs, is a well-known destination for people seeking one-of-a-kind jewelry to mark an engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday or other special occasion.

The Yanke Designs showroom features 100% original designs created by the Yankes. In addition to pieces in the showroom, Yanke Designs creates custom designs by educating their clients on gem selection and walking them through the entire design process. The Yankes provide the expert craftsmanship and the personal touch that makes each piece unique.

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We've Relocated to Traverse City!

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