Steampunk Treasure Jewelry To Capture The Imagination

Yanke Designs enjoys the challenge of creating new, custom-designed pieces of jewelry for their customers. Each custom piece can capture themes, fond memories and style details specific to that customer’s story. Oftentimes, a customer desires an original piece of jewelry to be re-imagined or its stones incorporated into an entirely new piece. Yanke Designs works one-on-one with the customer every step of the way, bringing their design vision to life.Платежки на зарплату

custom-jewelry-ring3On his first visit to the studio, Dave came to Yanke Designs to look for something for his wife Anne, but wasn’t sure what she might want. He mentioned that Anne once spoke about remounting her engagement set. Seeing that Anne would be instrumental in the redesign of her own ring, Yanke Designs suggested the “Imagination Gift Box”. This beautiful gift box is a great alternative to the traditional gift certificate, as it allows the recipient to participate in the selection or creation of their own gift.

A few weeks later Anne and Dave stopped into the Yanke Designs studio with her much loved, 27-year old engagement set. Taking into account Anne’s sentimental side, she wanted to keep her set intact but create a new ring designed around it to merge with her current tastes. Anne liked the steampunk style, which combines style motifs from the Victorian era, art nouveau and fantasy, to name a few.

Working closely with Anne and Dave, the studio created an overall design that captured all the themes and special features Anne desired. More importantly, she wanted to include elements in her new ring that represented her husband and two daughters. One design feature Anne admired was the scroll design in our award winning ring. The studio added a roping detail to the inside of the ring shank to represent Dave, as Anne felt the rope reflected his passion for water and boating.

When it came to Anne’s to daughters, she selected something a little edgier. Instead of using birthstones, she opted for two black diamonds which added more of the steampunk style she had grown to admire. With these added touches, the ring now was complete. Both Anne and Dave loved the finished piece, and said it was more beautiful than they dreamed it would be . By incorporating her cherished engagement set with her current tastes and style, Anne’s re-imagined ring is the perfect tribute to her family’s story, then and now.

About Yanke Designs

Inspired by the fire and beauty of natural gemstones, Frank and Kim Yanke create custom designed jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Embarking together on a mission to design and manufacture custom made jewelry, Frank and Kim Yanke opened for business in 1981. In 1989 they settled in Franklin Village, where their store, Yanke Designs, is a well-known destination for people seeking one-of-a-kind jewelry to mark an engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday or other special occasion.

The Yanke Designs showroom features 100% original designs created by the Yankes. In addition to pieces in the showroom, Yanke Designs creates custom designs by educating their clients on gem selection and walking them through the entire design process. The Yankes provide the expert craftsmanship and the personal touch that makes each piece unique.

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We've Relocated to Traverse City!

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