Rita’s Ruby Earrings Jewelry Design by Yanke Design



“I thought I’d missed the boat in Hawaii …”

On a Hawaiian vacation with her husband Ray, Rita fell in love … with a pair of ruby earrings. After returning home, she regretted having left the island without buying them, and figured that she’d never see anything approaching their beauty again.

But fate was ready to step in. Turns out that Rita and Ray were about to celebrate their 40th anniversary … the ruby anniversary.

A trip to Yanke Designs in Franklin, MI, was all the couple needed. We found just the right pair of ruby “slices,” then used a custom design to turn them into not one, but three different styles of earring – studs, drops, and a combination – to suit any occasion.

As I walked through the front door, my eye caught a sparkle in the display case and, I thought, “Wow, could those be my earrings?” They were and they were stunning…beyond my expectations!

Now Rita has the ruby earrings of her dreams, designed especially for her by Frank and Kim Yanke.



Whether it’s white or yellow gold, platinum or sterling silver, a simple or elaborate design, we can turn your vision into unique wearable art.

Custom designs with a personal touch make Yanke Designs metro Detroit’s destination for the finest jewelry.

Locations in Franklin Village, MI and Traverse City, MI

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BIG NEWS:We've Relocated to Traverse City!

We've Relocated to Traverse City!

Don't worry, Yanke Designs will continue to service our clients in the Metro Detroit Area. 
Contact us at (231) 994-3831 or visit us at our new website: yankedesignstc.com.

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