The Imagination Gift Box from Yanke Designs

custom-jewelry-gift-box2At Yanke Designs, we get customers that stop into our studio the day of their significant others birthday, anniversary, you name it. In a panic, they look through our cases trying to find the perfect gift. The Imagination Gift Box is perfect for any occasion and beloved by even the pickiest of recipients.Как бороться с недобросовестными вебмастерами. Кейс

Now you’re asking, what is an Imagination Gift Box? Yanke Designs originated this one-of-a-kind gift box that contains a vile which holds some casting grain. You pick the color of this grain, perhaps white, yellow, or even pink. The box also contains a gemstone container where you can add a colored gemstone or diamond. If you’re not sure what type of stone to use, Yanke Designs can use a colored or clear CZ (cubic zirconia). Also, a picture may be inserted into the lid of the box. If you have an idea of what the lucky person wants, Yanke Designs can design a ring, pendant, earring, or other unique jewelry design with their gem-vision software, and use that image as the picture in the Imagination Gift Box lid.

custom-jewelry-gift-box1Yanke Designs’ gift box is also a great idea for a loved one who has some loose stones that need to be remounted . Maybe a newly inherited piece of jewelry that just isn’t the right style? Whatever reason you can come up with the Imagination Gift Box is a great alternative to a gift certificate. It shows that you took the time and effort to give that certain someone a very thoughtful gift. Yanke Designs can also finish the job with an expert gift-wrapping job!


About Yanke Designs

Inspired by the fire and beauty of natural gemstones, Frank and Kim Yanke create custom designed jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Embarking together on a mission to design and manufacture custom made jewelry, Frank and Kim Yanke opened for business in 1981. In 1989 they settled in Franklin Village, where their store, Yanke Designs, is a well-known destination for people seeking one-of-a-kind jewelry to mark an engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday or other special occasion.

The Yanke Designs showroom features 100% original designs created by the Yankes. In addition to pieces in the showroom, Yanke Designs creates custom designs by educating their clients on gem selection and walking them through the entire design process. The Yankes provide the expert craftsmanship and the personal touch that makes each piece unique.

Locations in Franklin Village, MI and Traverse City, MI

BIG NEWS:We've Relocated to Traverse City!

We've Relocated to Traverse City!

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