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Working with Yanke Designs

(in 3 Easy Steps)

A visit to Yanke Designs in Franklin will give you a whole new perspective on buying rings, necklaces, earrings and more – in fact, you may never visit the mall or department store for your jewelry again!


Step 1: Let's BrainstormStep 1: Let’s Brainstorm

Unlike other jewelry stores, where a salesman stands ready to “pounce,” at Yanke Designs every piece of custom jewelry starts with a discussion and education.

We’ll talk about your tastes, expectations and budget. We’ll look through images of jewelry  you might want to adapt for yourself, and then create sketches or use one of our 3D wax models to get a better idea of the finished piece. And the cost for this consultation? Nothing – another way Yanke Designs differs from other jewelers.

You’ll choose your metal type and color, and we’ll discuss what kinds of diamonds or gemstones will fit the piece best. Once we’ve established a fair price, a 50% deposit will get the ball rolling.

Building the ideal pieceStep 2: Building the Ideal Piece

Your custom jewelry creation is underway. At this visit you’ll see a detailed wax rendering of your unique design to approve or request reasonable changes. You’ll also see the exact stones chosen for your piece. If you’re ordering a ring, the sizing will be checked and double-checked to ensure a perfect final fit.





VoilaStep 3: Voila!

Your custom-designed, 100% handcrafted piece is ready – and if it’s an engagement, wedding, anniversary or birthday gift, a magnificent custom giftwrap is included at no extra cost. We’ll give you appraisal information for insurance needs, and collect the payment balance.





But our service doesn’t end there. We’ll always be on hand for any repair or maintenance needs and ready to help you celebrate your next special occasion with a custom piece of jewelry.

It all starts with a gem and an idea … yours or ours.
Call to get started today.

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BIG NEWS:We've Relocated to Traverse City!

We've Relocated to Traverse City!

Don't worry, Yanke Designs will continue to service our clients in the Metro Detroit Area. 
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