How One Family’s Colored Gemstones Spanned Generations

Old Jewelry Is New AgainБалки



My husband, Michael, inherited a fabulous fine jewelry collection from his mother. The colored gemstones held so many loving memories, and still retained their beauty. However, many of the individual pieces were just not to my taste. One ring had a beautiful 7.00+ ct. cushion-shaped blue sapphire and four cushion-shaped diamonds.

We couldn’t let those lovely gems go to waste, forgotten in a jewelry box.


It all starts with a gem or an idea, yours or ours.


So Michael paid a visit to Yanke Designs. He and Frank brainstormed ideas for a bracelet that showed off these heirloom colored gemstones. Frank actually came up with four amazing designs – and one of them became my Christmas gift that year.

I think it’s extra special when you can appreciate a beautiful piece of jewelry that has many years of sentimental value as part of its pedigree. Thanks to the talent, dedication and collaborative spirit at Yanke Designs, my mother-in-law’s gemstones have a whole new life.



Inherited jewelry and gems can be the source of new custom designs that match your personal style.

Bring in your jewelry for a complementary design consultation ($200 value).
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We've Relocated to Traverse City!

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