The Timeless Elegance of the Euro Wire Jewelry Custom Designed To Your Desires

Euro Wire Jewelry Custom DesignedAt Yanke Designs, one of the most popular items featured is the euro wire earring. The euro wire is an interchangeable, dangle-style earring worn in conjunction with a decorative euro charm. The euro wire is an elegant, hooked wire with a lever-style open and close mechanism at the back of the ear. When the mechanism is locked, the wearer can hear it snap into place, making it very secure. The euro wire is specially designed to have the euro charms slip on and off easily using a small ring at the top, while remaining safely fastened. Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a workday, formal event, or casual weekend, the unique design of the euro wire makes it simple to look stylish and elegant.



The euro wires at Yanke Designs are all handmade in the studio. They come in a standard and smaller sized wire, and can be made in either white or yellow gold. When choosing the accompanying euro charms, Yanke Designs offers customers endless possibilities in the materials and design. Customers can choose from simple to ornate creations, from freshwater pearls to a rainbow of gems, various shapes and lengths, all depending on the individual’s personal taste and style.

Euro Wire Custom Designed JewelryBesides their safety and versatility, customers especially love how comfortable the euro wire earring is. Euro wires are a fantastic alternative to the everyday stud earrings. Unlike traditional earrings, there are no tiny earring nuts to contend with or sharp posts that can poke the neck. The free flowing charm dangles from the wire, creating subtle movement. It highlights the brilliance of the gemstones when it catches the light and in turn, catches the eye.Yanke Designs carries a wide inventory and variety of euro charms that is constantly changing. Gem dealers often come to town with unique, matched pairs of gemstones that can be crafted into a one-of-a-kind, custom creation. The selection alone makes it easy on a spouse hunting for a perfect birthday or anniversary gift. Euro wire earrings reflect the femininity and elegance of the person wearing them. No wardrobe is complete without a beautiful pair of euro wire earrings in it.

Euro Wire Jewelry



Inspired by the fire and beauty of natural gemstones, Frank and Kim Yanke create earring jewelry custom designed such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Embarking together on a mission to design and manufacture custom made jewelry, Frank and Kim Yanke opened for business in 1981. In 1989 they settled in Franklin Village, where their store, Yanke Designs, is a well-known destination for people seeking one-of-a-kind jewelry to mark an engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday or other special occasion.

The Yanke Designs showroom features 100% original designs created by the Yankes. In addition to pieces in the showroom, Yanke Designs creates custom designs by educating their clients on gem selection and walking them through the entire design process. The Yankes provide the expert craftsmanship and the personal touch that makes each piece unique.

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We've Relocated to Traverse City!

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