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Having pulled up to the Yacht Club to attend a wedding, Cindy and John spent a few moments in the car checking their look. Cindy took off her wedding ring to apply some hand lotion – and in the excitement of the moment, forgot the ring was on her lap as she exited the car.

Needless to say, the realization that her ring was gone sparked some OMG! panic, followed by intensive investigation around the lot. With the help of a parking attendant the piece was recovered! However, after being squashed under car tires, Cindy’s beloved ring now had a new look – call it that run-down feeling.

The search was on for a jeweler who might restore the ring. Friends of Cindy and John recommended Yanke Designs, so the couple hurried to our studio in Franklin.



The ring had lost its original shape. But all was not lost! Working with Cindy, we recast the ring into an amazing new design. And with 30 leftover baguettes we created a second eternity ring – the perfect casual piece for nearly any occasion. Cindy and John were delighted with the results.



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We've Relocated to Traverse City!

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